We manufacture configurations of rods and drilling tools for all mining applications.


Hardrock-Vertex owns the largest hot-twisting machine known (view video), supplemented by a forge and CNC equipment. We manufacture all configurations of auger and straight drill rods, left or right rotation, hollow or solid, for mining in hard or soft rock, coal, salt, gypsum and other applications. Shanks, couplings and bits are made on site utilizing our ever-increasing machine facility.


We can work with you on custom part development

With the acquisition of two 10-ton friction welders, Hardrock-Vertex offers unique and “one off” products that were unattainable or not offered previously. We now offer in-house sub-contracting/product development using our friction welders.


Need your parts reconditioned? We can do that.

Together with our experience in rod manufacture and our newly acquired bit department, we can rework/recondition your bits and hammers and rods back to original OEM specifications.